Dave Feusi was the most veritable soloist. He played with eruptive energy and convinced with punchy improvisations.

AZ Feb 14

No doubt – Dave Feusi puts on a rare creation, what is not only worshiping the jazz history but also embracing it with much taste and respect.

Schweizer Familie 9/2013, Tipp der Woche

swiss movement next generation : project videotrailer – New York

At the very latest, the concept ultimately becomes clear when the entire sound hits you with its spontaneous delivery and high standard of musicianship. This is creativity of the moment.

Trespass Feb 2013

A rejoicing in playing and improvising which is rarely heard on this level.

BZ Jan 13

The spirit of improvisation gave birth to an intensely fiery music. The musical party on stage was all set on getting the party going in the auditorium too!

Tages Anzeiger Dez 12

Not many know how to merge groove jazz and improvisation like saxophonist Dave Feusi.

Zueritipp Nov 12